Agenda (60 minutes)

This is a stealth Diversity & Inclusiveness session


Avoiding Conflict in Communications




You know that you’re explaining things clearly, so why don’t they understand you? Could it be they’re just pretending not to get it? Learn how to make your message better understood by the people around you.

Key topics:














  1. Identify participants’ Myers’ Briggs Type Indicator.
  2. Communication patterns based on MBTI
  3. Avoiding the source of greatest conflict
  4. Methods to minimize conflict between Types
  5. Questions & Answers










Chuck Hinkle has been formally evaluating and coaching speakers for thirty years. He joined Toastmasters in 1982 and has started seven clubs, been a president of three clubs, and was the Gulf Coast Division Governor. Chuck has been leading training seminars since 1983 at companies and organizations such as Shell Oil, Dow Chemical, The United Way, Women in Computing, and the City of Austin.