Helix Techniques Video Training




Helix has earned its reputation as the fastest database for building applications; Helix applications take 30-70% less time to build than with other databases. But developers achieve that advantage only after learning and mastering the techniques in this class.

The Helix Techniques video training is designed to demonstrate and teach valuable Helix programming techniques as used in real applications, so you can understand how to use the techniques and also to give you ideas for where to use the techniques.

Helix is an incredible useful product and so is Chuck Hinkle's helix Techniques class. His advanced class was so helpful that I am signing up for the Basics class as a refresher. Chuck is organized, patient, and smart. I would go beyond recommending this class to anyone wanting to work with Helix ... I'd make it a requirement like Driver's Ed!
Helix is an incredible product ... we've literally "bet the company" on it for over ten years now. One of Helix'c most important strengths is also one of its biggest challenges: there are usually many different solutions to any problem that you want to solve. And once a problem is solved we, as developers, tend to stick with one solution. Chuck's class introduced me to new techniques and shored up other well known solutions.
  Dana Barnard
Supert organization and presentations, and an in-depth understanding of Helix gives Chuck's courses extra-special value to developers.
  Dr. Tim Bilash
One of the complaints about prominent use of Helix in our clinical databases is that Helix programmers are rare birds. Despite my protests about how easy Helix is, and how powerful a tool it is, these opinions persisted. Chuck's course has been a huge help with this. We have sent four programmers/ata analyst/QA types. All have loved the course and have come back much better able to use the database and teach others how to use it. In turn, I have been more confident in their understanding of the system and have been willing to give them broader access to tools, queries, and posting options. To quote one of them, "the course was an intense training session. For those not familiar with how Helix works, from the programming end, it was a great education."
  Dr. Henry Spotnitz
I attended a Helix training session led by Chuck Hinkle and realized that I had only scratched the surface of this wonderful product. Chuck's presentation and knowledge are superior and the things he teaches can be put to use in your collections right away. I recommend his training to anyone of any skill level as a way to improve your Helix experience!
2 thumbs up!
  David Weller
The Helix Techniques class lets your collection and designs move beyond the obvious, answering those "there's got to be a better way to do this...", and the "I wonder if Helix can do that..." questions that often get set aside in the rush of design.
  Ryan Wilcox